All servers may connect using ports 6663 through 6669 or 7001 (6667 is the usual default). Logging — if the program asks about “logging,” you must make sure that you have this feature turned off. /dcc chat nickname (such as “/dcc chat janes”) opens a separate window once the other person accepts your chat request, allowing you to chat without going through the IRC network. “Real Name” or “Full Name” or “Info” — this should NOT be your real name. Commands in IRCCommands in IRC begin with a forward slash “/” in the first position of the line. /whois nickname (such as “/whois johnq”) to see more information about a member (identd, info, and ISP). There are common pieces of information and commands that you will need to know. IRC is a TEXT-ONLY system for chat rooms and private chat, available for nearly all platforms. /query nickname is similar to /msg, except that it always opens a separate window on your computer for the conversation. Some programs suggest that you can enter your personal homepage address here — again, we suggest that you do not do this for anonymity. CStar is a “bot” (robot) and is always present in the #SLAA and #SLAA2 rooms. /whowas nickname is similar to /whois if the member just changed nicknames or quit.

IRC is not case sensitive, so you can use upper or lower case for commands and nicknames. /me action (such as “/me nods”) displays your action to the room preceded with your name in a neat way we chat id for online sex. Alt Nickname or Alternate Nickname — this should be clearly very similar to Nickname with for example a “_” after (like “JohnQ_” or “JaneS_”). /part #room (such as “/part #slaa”) to leave a channel without closing the client (also “/leave #room”). There are many ways to connect to the #SLAA Online Group chat room on IRC. com ($20 after 30 days) - used by all ops in #slaaonline - see even the page: Using Windows mIRC HexChat https://hexchat. This is rarely used, but can be helpful if it is important to talk to someone and they are new and do not see your regular “/msg nickname message” lines. For a more detailed list of commands that work with most clients, please visit the Using Windows mIRC link at the top of this page. Again, a first name is wise for anonymity. org” or “starlinkirc” (not Starlink or StarlinkOrg). /ctcp nickname time (such as “/ctcp johnq time”) displays the time of the other person’s computer clock. 189 - IronHawk/WulliePort — some programs will ask you for a port number.

They can contain only letters, numbers, and the following special characters { | } [ \ ] _ ` - ^ Identd or Ident — this can be just your first name or something unique and anonymous (keep it simple like “john”). /quit to leave all channels and close the client. The method mostly depends on what operating system you are using (Windows, OSX, iOS, Android etc)..
. If you enter our chat room and the only nickname is CStar, please realize that you are alone in the room — although you are at the right place. Some programs will already have some listed or a group listed. If they aren’t listed or you wish to add more, the current servers are (capitalization is not important with server addresses): ROCH ROCHESTER. Channels (or rooms) always start with a pound sign “#” The list is vast, but the more common commands that you will use are: /join #room (such as “/join #slaa”) to join a channel. Otherwise you are typing a regular message to the room. /msg nickname message (such as “/msg janes Hi Jane, do you have a minute. Our room does NOT permit logging of any conversations (which means saving the text to a computer file for review later). ..


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